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GNB Youth Edition (rrp £22.99)

Special offer price until 30/06/2024:

£18.99 general customers

£18.39 for Church/School accounts

Key features:

  • links to a dedicated YouTube playlist with 30 videos unpacking and offering support onkey themes and issues found in the Bible

  • hundreds of interactive elements throughout the Bible to encourage a deeper engagement with the text

  • space for writing, doodling and drawing

  • a full-page introduction to each book of the Bible, showing what it's all about and how it fits into a bigger story

  • 32 colour pages of key things to know about the Bible, help with tough topics, and journalling space




ERV Authentic Youth Bible (rrp £17.99)

Special offer price until 31/07/2024

£15.99 for Church/School accounts (bulk orders of 10 or more)

The Authentic Youth Bible is a popular choice for school leavers and youth groups. The fully anglicized text uses the accurate and accessible ERV translation.

Features include:
164 pages of additional Bible study material
24 colour topic based inserts covering subjects such as relationships, peer pressure and trusting God
275 'Insights' help explain the meaning and context of key passages
Translation specifically designed to be read and understood easily
Suitable to be used across all denominations







GNB Sunrise (rrp £18.99)

Special offer price until 30/06/2024

£15.99 general customers

£15.39 for Church/School accounts

The Good News Version Sunrise edition is a perfect bible for both adults and younger readers to take to church or read at home. Combining a trustworthy translation with a clear, readable style, it also contains the iconic and well-loved line drawings by Annie Vallotton.

Extra features have been written especially for those who are new to Bible reading:

  • All-new book introductions
  • Where do I begin?
  • What to bear in mind as you read
  • 100 famous stories
  • An overview of the biblical story in 40 key passages
  • Where to find help in the Bible

Other helps include:

  • Sidebar navigation, listing the preceding or following books in the margin of every page
  • New maps
  • Timeline
  • The main collections of books in the Bible
  • Word list with simple definitions




NRSVue Standard Anglicized Hardback (rrp £19.99)

£16.99 Special Price for School/Church accounts

NRSVue Standard Anglicized Hardback w/ Apocrypha (rrp £24.99)

£21.24 Special Price for School/Church accounts

Acclaimed by both biblical scholars and general readers as the most reliable English Bible available, the New Revised Standard Version follows in the great tradition of the King James Version in being true to the original meaning of the text while conveying it in a dignified style that speaks powerfully to today's readers.

Now with British spelling, grammar and punctuation, and with over 20,000 updates and enhancements to the text, this is the first comprehensive revision of the NRSV since it was published in 1989.


9780281090136 (w/ apoc)



NRSVue Popular Text Bible with Apocrypha (rrp £23.50)

£19.99 Special Price for School/Church accounts

NRSVue Popular Text Bible (rrp £19.50)

£16.57 Special Price for School/Church accounts

The NRSV Updated Edition is informed by the advances in linguistic and biblical studies since the publication of the New Revised Standard Version in 1989. It incorporates the latest discoveries from the Dead Sea Scrolls. This Bible uses the NRSVue British Text and has British spelling and idiom. It was created by a team of publishers based in the United Kingdom. Available with or without the Apocrypha. The text is clear and easy to read, arranged in two columns with running heads and footnotes. There are bold section headings and chapter numbers to break up the text and make it easy to find the Bible passage. The Bible comes in an attractive and hard-wearing burgundy hardback with gold blocking, presented in a jacket.

9781009526241 (w/ Apoc)



The Action Bible

£17.99 (rrp £22.99) 9780830777440

Want to spark 8-12 year old's interest in God's word?
This Chronological Bible tells Bible stories with exciting comic-book style images.
A great prize and resource for Sunday Schools and youth groups.
The Action Bible presents more than 230 fast-paced narratives in chronological order, making it easy to follow the Bible's historical flow and building up to the thrilling climax of God's redemptive story. 

Lion Graphic Bible

£10.19 for Church/School accounts (rrp £11.99) 9780745981437 

A highly original interpretation of the Bible that is an ideal tool for reaching and engaging young people with the Bible and the message of the Gospel. Remaining true to the story of the Bible, The Lion Graphic Bible is a comprehensive retelling of the Old and New Testament, truly capturing the emotions and characters within the stories and making them engrossing.

NIV Popular Bible - 20 pack

£180.00 (£9.00 per copy)

(single copy rrp £17.99) 9781444701517

Ideal for use as a pew Bible, this revised and updated 2011 NIV Bible is a great value hardback edition. This Bible also features clear, readable 9pt text, easy-to-read layout, maps, reading plan, timeline & more.

British Text
This edition uses British spelling, punctuation and grammar to allow the Bible to be read more naturally.


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