Church lectionaries and diaries for 2024 are now in stock

Common Worship Lectionary 2023/24 - Standard Edition £5.50 - 9780715124130

Common Worship Lectionary 2023/24 - Large Edition £7.99 - 9780715124147


BCP & Common Worship Lectionary 2024 - Paperback £5.99 - 9780281087983

BCP & Common Worship Lectionary 2024 - Spiral £8.99 - 9780281087990


SPCK Church Pocket Book & Diary 2024 - rrp £14.99




Churchwardern's Yearbook 2024 - rrp £16.95

The annual diary and source of information used by churchwardens, clergy and PCC members in the Church of England, the Church in Wales, and the Diocese in Europe.

Advent 2023 – Epiphany 2025, with extra pages for planning 2025
One-week-to-view, starting on Sundays
Common Worship readings for the Principal Service and BCP readings for Holy Communion for every Sunday, Principal Feast, Festival and Holy Day
Liturgical colours for every day of the year
Naming of all Sundays, Principal Feasts, Holy Days, Festivals, Lesser Festivals, Commemorations and Saints’ Days in the calendars of the Church of England and the Church in Wales
Notification of flag days, church-related events, bank and public holidays
Items of local, national, traditional and customary interest
Four year calendar, year planners for 2024 and 2025. Times of sunrise and sunset
Extra pages for names, address, notes, churchwardens’ expenses

Reference material to help churchwardens:
Outline of churchwardens’ duties and responsibilities.
Details of helpful organizations, including sources of finance.
Recommended reading matter. Information and reference books.
Contact details for all Anglican dioceses in England, Wales and Europe: bishops, archdeacons, diocesan offices, diocesan secretaries, DAC secretaries, safeguarding advisers, communications officers, registrars.
Religious festivals of other faiths.
Parochial Fees Tables for the Church of England and the Church in Wales.


Also available: Canterbury Church Book & Desk Diary 2024 - available in Hardback and Looseleaf (A5)