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 Some of this issues highlights:


Bouncing Forwards

9781789513639 - Patrick Regan - £8.99 now £7.99

You’ll bounce back…’ How many of us have heard these well-meaning words when faced with mental or physical health challenges, trauma or the loss of dreams? And yet, life’s battles can leave us scarred and changed. Why would we want to go back when what we’ve been through has taught us so much? It’s time to bounce forwards instead. In ‘Bouncing Forwards’ Patrick draws on his own journey of making peace with his on-going anxiety, to look honestly and vulnerably at the temptation to wait for the day when all will be well whilst missing out on what’s happening in the here and now. Exploring resilience, acceptance and emotional agility, Patrick shows how we can find meaning in some of life’s toughest moments and the hope to journey on.


Singing In Babylon

9780830778713 - Jeff Lucas - £11.99 now £9.99

Down-to-earth but inspirational, Singing In Babylon explores how the reader, like Daniel, can find purpose and meaning in life's second choices



Why Worship?

9780281085750 - Tim Hughes & Nick Drake - £9.99 now £6.99

What does it mean to be a worshipper? Together, Tim Hughes and Nick Drake explore who, where, why and how Christians worship, what happens when we do and where the future of worship may take us. With contributions from Graham Kendrick, Lou Fellingham, Kees Kraayenoord, Dr Helen Morris and many more, this book offers a fresh reminder that worship isn't just music and the songs we sing, it is so much more. The Spring Harvest 2021 theme book, Why Worship? will help you reconnect to the purpose and meaning of worship, so that you can grow closer to God individually and as a church community and get the most out of worship. Contributors Tim Hughes, Nick Drake, Dr John Andrews, Dr Helen Morris, Graham Kendrick, Lou Fellingham, Lyn Weston, Kees Kraayenoord, Noel Robinson, Doug Williams, Dr Darell Johnson.


 Until Unity

9780830782727 - Francis Chan - £11.99 now £9.99

It is absolutely clear from Scripture that God passionately desires supernatural unity within His Church. Unity is what Jesus prays for, what He commands, and what He says will be our greatest witness to the world.
If unity is so important to the heart of God, why is the Church one of the most divided groups on earth?
In his newest book Until Unity, New York Times-bestselling author Francis Chan calls for believers and churches everywhere to align our hearts with God and start taking seriously His numerous commands to unify. While many believe doctrine is at the root of the problem, Francis argues that the real problem is the shallowness or non-existence of our love for each other--rooted in a shallowness in our understanding of the gospel. This is what desperately needs to change.



Ideas for Fathers Day:


David Sheppard: Batting For The Poor

9780281081035 - Andrew Bradstock - £9.99 now £6.99

Batting for the Poor is the authorised biography of David Sheppard, telling the story of his life as a celebrated cricketer and his remarkable work as Bishop of Liverpool. From his time as Captain of England's cricket team to his pioneering work as Bishop of Liverpool, David Sheppard led a remarkable life. Now his story is told in full for the first time in this fascinating and insightful biography. Batting for the Poor draws on the papers left by Sheppard in the Liverpool Central Library as well as other archival material and more than 150 interviews conducted by Andrew Bradstock, all brought together to create a picture of a diligent and passionate man who helped break down divisions and turn Liverpool's fortunes around.



9780310112020 - Gunva B - £14.99 now £11.99

Men are bold. Men are brave. Men are strong in the face of fear. But what happens when that strength crumbles?

Growing up on a council estate in East London, rapper Guvna B thought he knew everything he needed to know about what it means to be a man. But when a personal tragedy sent him reeling, he knew he had to face these assumptions head on if he was going to be able to overcome his grief. In this intimate, honest and unflinching memoir, Guvna B draws on his personal experiences to explore how toxic masculinity affects young men today. Exploring ideas of male identity, UNSPOKEN is an inspirational account of Guvna's journey.



A Greater Glory

9781527106796 - Gavin Peacock - £11.99 now £8.99

Premier league footballer turned pastor Gavin Peacock tells the story of his career and his faith in this fascinating, thought-provoking and personal read. What makes a man walk away from his life as a professional footballer turned BBC pundit to become a church minister?

They say it is every schoolboy's dream to play in the F.A. Cup Final and it's a dream that came true for Gavin Peacock. In his riveting autobiography follow Gavin's journey from a child growing up in a footballing family to Chelsea captain; from a son following in his father's footsteps to a husband and father supporting his own family; from pundit to preacher. Experience his highs and lows as he tells his story and explains the driving force behind it all - his love for football, his love for his family, and most importantly his love for God.



Worship Anthems 2021 (2 CD)

5021776241935 - Various - £12.99 now £10.99

More than ever before, inspiring songs of worship are strengthening faith and fortitude in the midst of life’s challenges and opportunities. Our unique and unparalleled WORSHIP ANTHEMS features songs led by Elim Sound, Kim Walker-Smith, Jesus Culture, Tim Hughes, Kees Kraayenoord, Lou Fellingham, Stuart Townend, Bright City and others.

Recorded live at a wide range of international Christian events including Worship Central, Spring Harvest, Soul Survivor, Newday, New Wine, Keswick and the Jesus Culture Conference, this excellent collection includes the spirited ‘Way Maker’, ‘Hope Has A Name’, ‘Waves’, ‘His Mercy Is More’ and many others.