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Women of Holy Week

9781781402894 - Paula Gooder - Church House - £9.99

In the style of her bestselling Phoebe, Paula Gooder uses her extensive biblical expertise to retell the events of the Crucifixion, Resurrection and Ascension through the eyes of nine female characters she imagines accompanying Jesus during these momentous days. Accompanied by nine colour illustrations, each story brings to life the tension, drama and shock of the events of Holy Week, banishing any over-familiarity and helping readers enter into the Passion narrative in a deeper, more meaningful way. Originally given as a series of addresses at Southward Cathedral during Holy Week 2021, these nine stories are for all who long to encounter Jesus afresh through the Easter Story.


Embracing Justice

9780281086542 - Isabelle Hamley - SPCK - £10.99

In Embracing Justice, Isabelle Hamley invites us on an exhilarating journey through Scripture to discover how we, as churches, communities and individual Christians, can seek and practice justice even when enmeshed in such a fractured world.

Full of practical encouragement, the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Lent Book for 2022 brilliantly weaves together biblical texts, diverse voices, contemporary stories, and personal and group meditations to reveal liberating and imaginative ways in which me may grow in discipleship – and more fully reflect the justice, mercy and compassion of Christ in our lives.




Live Lent Embracing Justice (Adult edition)

9781781402597 - Single Copy - Church House Publishing - £1.99

9781781402603 - Pack of 10 - Church House Publishing - £17.50

9781781402610 - Pack of 50 - Church House Publishing - £75.00

Each year at the start of Lent, Christians are challenged to turn away from sin and towards new life. Together we acknowledge that our own lives, our communities and our world stand in need of God's redeeming and transforming power.

Live Lent: Embracing Justice is the Church of England's theme for Lent 2022. It invites us to examine our own lives truthfully, to see the world more deeply and to pray - for the church and the world far and near - that 'justice may roll down like waters, and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream' (Amos 4.24).

For each day of Lent, this booklet for adults offers a daily Bible reading, a short reflection and a prayer, as well as a practical challenge. Each week follows a different thread through the many stories of justice in the Bible to explore how God works with humanity to bring justice, wholeness and salvation to all.


Live Lent Embracing Justice (Kids edition)

9781781402658 - Single Copy - Church House Publishing - £1.50

9781781402665 - Pack of 10 - Church House Publishing - £12.50

9781781402672 - Pack of 50 - Church House Publishing - £55.00

Live Lent: Embracing Justice is the Church of England's theme for Lent 2022. It invites us to examine our own lives truthfully, to see the world more deeply and to pray that 'justice may roll down like waters, and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream' (Amos 4.24).

This Lent booklet for children provides a fun daily action to help children and their families explore how we can live well together, as well as a weekly reading and prayer.

Each week follows a different thread through the many stories of justice in the Bible to explore how God brings justice, wholeness and salvation to all.



Sharing the Easter Story

9781800390980 - Sally Welch - BRF - £8.99

In this year’s BRF Lent book Sally Welch explores two questions: What is the Easter story really about, and how do we share it? Through each week of Lent, a different aspect of the Easter story is examined: repentingforgivinghopingtrustingsacrificing, loving and changing.

Within each week, the days are focused on what we need to do in order to share the story: listeningunderstandingreflectinglivingtellingsharing and becoming. Each day offers a Bible passage, followed by a reflection and a prayer. Suggestions for group study and group study questions are also included.


Forty Women

9781789743562 - Ros Clarke - IVP - £9.99

The first witnesses to the resurrection were not men, but women - and without women, the Easter story would not have happened at all. These hidden voices of the Bible's story are found through the Old Testament and the New Testament. In this daily Lent devotional for 2022, join Ros Clarke as she uncovers the women of the Bible who are essential to the Easter weekend. From Eve to the Shummamite, and from Deborah to Ruth, Forty Women will open your eyes to the power of the gospel. Exploring a different character each day to take you from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday, Forty Women is an uplifting and inspirational look at what we can learn from the different women of the Bible.



Hope and the Nearness of God

9781472984197 - Teresa White - £9.99

In these days of pandemic, war and political turbulence, hope can seem to be in short supply. But hope is one of the theological virtues and it is far more profound than mere optimism. Today, pessimism and despair seem all too prevalent. What can we do about the poor and starving, about those who seem to be locked in interminable conflict and families weighed down by the consequences of breakdown? Sister Teresa White's book is an antidote to all this and it is written with beautiful simplicity and directness.



Hearing God In Poetry

9780281086290 - Richard Harries - SPCK - £9.99

This beautiful Lent book for 2022 offers six poems for every week from Ash Wednesday, leading up to Holy Week, with ten poems specially chosen for Easter. A short reflection from Richard Harries accompanies each poet and the poem, drawing out their spiritual insights and how they communicate God’s presence.

Hearing God in Poetry is an ideal Lent book for 2022 for poetry lovers and anyone interested in how some of the world’s finest poets have expressed faith in their work. This book of daily readings will introduce you to some wonderful poetry for Lent and Easter, and give you a deeper understanding and appreciation of these brilliant works of literature. It will also help expand your spirituality to see God’s presence in the world around you as you prepare for Easter.


Room Where It Happens

9781913657789 - Rose Hudson-Wilkin - DLT - £6.99

The Room Where It Happens is an exciting new Lent course written by Bishop Rose Hudson-Wilkin inspired by the filmed version of the award-winning stage musical Hamilton. The course has been written in the hope that all ages can be involved in the room where it happens for discussions about what the Bible and the experience of Christian faith teach us about some of the big issues faced in the musical by Alexander Hamilton: his responses to injustice, adversity and temptation, his search for identity, and his realisation that he (and all of us) can make a difference in the world. The course has five weekly sessions suitable for both groups and individuals


Rich Wounds

9781784986841 - David Mathis - Good Book Company - £8.99

These short but profound reflections from David Mathis, author of The Christmas We Didn’t Expect, will help you to look deeper at Jesus’ life, sacrificial death and spectacular resurrection—enabling you to treasure anew who Jesus is and what he has done for us.

Many of us are so familiar with the Easter story that it becomes easy to miss subtle details and difficult to really enjoy its meaning. This book will help you to pause and marvel at Jesus, whose now-glorified wounds are a sign of his unfailing love and the decisive victory that he has won.



9781914966156 - Tim Chester - 10publishing - £3.99

We live in uncertain times. Our society is changing rapidly and many of us feel left behind. How can we face the future with confidence? In these resurrection meditations, Tim Chester reassures our fearful hearts by pointing us to the Lord Jesus and his finished work. Guiding us through the later chapters of Hebrews, these devotions remind us that, when everything around us is turning and churning, we can rest secure in Jesus and his forgiveness, the only anchor for our weary souls.


And Yet

9780281085705 - Rachael Newham - SPCK - £10.99

In the depths of depression and plagued with suicidal thoughts, Rachael Newham never thought she’d find herself writing a book on joy. And yet, if her journey with mental health illness has taught her anything it is that true, deep, lasting joy can only be experienced when we allow ourselves to enter into lament and be honest about our pain before God.

With warm understanding, in this lovely Lent book for 2022 Rachael traces how Biblical writers used ‘and yet’ to bring together joy and lament and invites us to see them not as opposites, but two sides of the same coin. Drawing on her experiences with mental illness, she shows us how we can build a rhythm of both joy and lament into our lives both through the season of Lent and the rest of the church’s year.