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Tarry Awhile: Wisdom from Black Spirituality for People of Faith

9780281090112 - Selina Stone - SPCK - £11.99

The Archbishop of Canterbury's Lent Book 2024: Foreword by Justin Welby

This book makes the wisdom of Black spiritualities and faith available for all people. It focuses on seven themes: darkness as a place of encounter with the divine; the unity of all things; movement, belonging and migration; the Spirit as one who moves in unexpected ways; quiet contemplation as essential to spiritual growth; healing in community; and weeping that turns to joy. Tarry Awhile centres the stories of often overlooked people and communities, offering wisdom for all people who hope to encounter God in the midst of wearying times. It provides fresh reflections on familiar biblical passages, and draws on personal stories, theology and the spiritual wisdom of ancestors who have gone before us.


Stations of the Resurrection

9781781404539 - Guli Francis-Dehqani, Malcolm Guite - Church House Publishing - £13.99

The New Testament gospel writers record nineteen resurrection appearances, from the first encounter with Mary Magdalene on Easter morning to Paul’s life-changing experience on the Damascus road. Stations of the Resurrection offers reflections on each of these episodes from the bestselling poet Malcolm Guite and the much admired writer and bishop, Guli Francis-Dehqani, accompanied by colour illustrations from the priest-artist Iain McKillop. Bishop Guli draws on her first hand knowledge of Middle Eastern culture to explore these stories and Malcolm Guite offers a sonnet in response to each of them – many published here for the first time - with reflections on the texts that inspired them. This imaginative and inspirational resource also includes the complete Stations of the Resurrection liturgies from Common Worship Times and Seasons that commemorate each of the nineteen events, allowing the book to be used for both personal devotional use and liturgical celebration.




Watch and Pray (Adult edition)

9781781404454 - Single Copy - Church House Publishing - £2.50

9781781404461 - Pack of 10 - Church House Publishing - £22.00

9781781404478 - Pack of 50 - Church House Publishing - £95.00

The Church of England’s Lent theme for 2024, Watch and Pray invites us all to wait expectantly for God to meet us and sustain us through the storms and trials we all face.

On the night he was betrayed, Jesus kneels in darkness in the Garden of Gethsemane. Though he pleads with his disciples, “Stay here with me … Watch and pray,” they all fall asleep, leaving him alone in his hour of deepest suffering. This Lent we are encouraged to draw on the wisdom of Black Spirituality, particularly the practice of “tarrying” (waiting) as a community to draw closer to Jesus and to each other. For each day of Lent, the Watch and Pray booklet offers a Bible verse, a short reflection, an idea for 'watching', and a prayer. It invites us to seek God in both familiar and unfamiliar places this Lent: in darkness and in quiet; in movement and migration; in the healing and transforming work of the Spirit; in the weeping of Holy Week and in the joy of Easter morning.


Watch and Pray (Kids edition)

9781781404485 - Single Copy - Church House Publishing - £1.50

9781781404492 - Pack of 10 - Church House Publishing - £12.50

9781781404508 - Pack of 50 - Church House Publishing - £55.00

Watch and Pray is the Church of England’s 2024 Lent campaign. This booklet for children and families invites us to use Lent as a time to wait together for God to meet and help us. It offers small steps designed to help us on our Lent journey as we try to grow closer to Jesus, waiting with him as he asked his friends to do in the Garden of Gethsemane.

For each of the 40 days of Lent there is a daily challenge to do, learn or think about something. There are also weekly themes, prayers and short Bible readings – all exploring the theme of Watch and Pray.



Sounding Heaven and Earth

9781786225399 - Malcolm Guite - Canterbury Press - £12.99

A Poet’s Corner Collection. The back page column of the Church Times, famously occupied for many years by Ronald Blythe, continues to be a breath of fresh air in the hands of poet and priest Malcolm Guite. His acute observations of the local, the everyday, moments of conversation and life’s simple pleasures are doorways into a bigger reality of a world suffused with the meaning and beauty that lies beneath surface appearances.



9781399805254 - Stephen Cottrell - Hodder & Stoughton - £9.99

In the Gospel of Mark’s account of the Passion narrative, Jesus calls out from the cross ‘Eloi, Eloi, lema sabachthani?‘ which is the Aramaic for ‘My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?’ – the first line of Psalm 22. It’s an anguished expression – traditionally ascribed to King David – of defeat, failure, abandonment and despair.

This series of reflections, written for Lent and Holy Week 2023 by the Archbishop of York Stephen Cottrell, ponders the significance of these words. What does it mean for Jesus to have quoted them, at the very end of his life? What do those words mean for us?

This is a beautiful and compelling exploration of the dark, suffering side of the Passion – and how Jesus’ words lead us to the greatest hope of all.



Lent and Easter for Everyone

9780281071418 - Tom Wright - £11.99

Join Tom Wright on a transformative journey through the Gospels as he explores the life and impact of Jesus: the highs and lows of his earthly ministry, the power of his teaching and his victory over sin and death.

Offering seven weeks' worth of daily readings and reflections, Lent and Easter for Everyone enables you to relive Christ's journey - from his temptations in the wilderness to the darkness of the cross and beyond into the glory of Easter. Each reflection is drawn from a key passage in Wright's immensely popular For Everyone series, and each one ends with practical suggestions for personal reflection or group discussion.



Loving My Neighbour

9781800392151 - Various - BRF - £9.99

It’s never been more important to understand how much God loves us and how much he wants us to love each other. Loving My Neighbour takes us on a journey through the challenging terrain of how we can truly love one another, individually and in our communities. Daily Bible readings and reflections from Ash Wednesday to Easter Day explore how we can love in truth, love the vulnerable and the suffering, embrace difference, care for our world, and love ourselves as God loves us. Holy Week brings us back to reflect on Christ on the cross, who loved us to the very end.


Journeying with God in the Wilderness

9781789744651 - Mark Broadway - IVP - £11.99

Is there hope to be found in the wilderness? Jesus' forty days in the wilderness, which many Christians remember during Lent, echoes the story of God's people wandering for forty years in the wilderness. The book of Numbers tells of these wanderings but can be a difficult book of the Bible to get to grips with. Delving into this book alongside the New Testament and reflecting with prayers and questions, this daily Lent devotional explores how the Israelites' wilderness journey can speak to us in our daily struggles and challenges today. Through all the ups-and-downs of their wilderness adventure, we join with God's people as they learn to see the sure and certain fulfilment of God's future promises in the book of Numbers.


Reading the Bible Through Lent

9781915412089 - Revd Dr Adrian Graffy - DLT - £12.99

Reading the Bible Through Lent is the perfect accompaniment to Lenten study and reflection using the scripture readings of the Catholic liturgy. For every day of Lent, it provides the Bible readings for the day (taken from the Revised New Jerusalem Bible), with a short commentary, two questions for personal reflection and two prayers – all written by the Revd Dr Adrian Graffy, a member of the Pontifical Biblical Commission – enabling the Bible to be read in the contemplative tradition of Lectio Divina.


Holding Onto Hope

9781800392007 - Amy Boucher Pye, Leo Boucher - BRF - £12.99

A 40-day journey exploring the themes of hope and new life through vivid biblical images, Holding onto Hope can be used through Lent or during any 40-day period. We start with how all creation praises God, from the flowers of the field to the streams in the desert and the trees clapping their hands. We then explore the agricultural pattern of sowing, growing and harvesting before moving to the gracious promises and invitations God makes to his people, such as how he writes eternity onto our hearts. Next come compelling images of God as our help and refuge, including God being our shade and rear guard, before seeing how God changes his people – he clothes us, renews our minds and strengthens us. Finally, we focus on our new life in Christ through images such as new wineskins, the imperishable seed and the city to come.


Transfiguration - 50 Pilgrim Steps

9781786225313 - Rob Marshall - Canterbury Press - £12.99

In fifty pithy and engaging daily reflections from Ash Wednesday to Easter and beyond, Rob Marshall leads us on a pilgrim journey to the Mountain of the Transfiguration.

The story of Jesus displaying the overwhelming glory of God to three chosen disciples is one of the most potent yet mysterious stories in the gospels, and a prelude to all that will occur in Jerusalem.