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Live Lent: God's Story, Our Story

9781781402320 - Single Copy - Church House Publishing - £1.99

9781781402337 - Pack of 10 - Church House Publishing - £17.50

9781781402344 - Pack of 50 - Church House Publishing - £75.00

LiveLent: God's Story, Our Story invites each of us to reflect on our own story of God and how we might share it through our everyday lives as part of our Christian witness.

It encourages us to take a fresh look at evangelism, exploring how Jesus and his first followers communicated the good news of God's love by inviting, listening and responding creatively to others.

For each of the 40 days of Lent, this booklet includes a short Bible passage, a reflection and a prayer. The daily reflections follow weekly themes - each with an accompanying action - drawn from the Archbishop of Canterbury's Lent Book 2021, Living His Story: Sharing the extraordinary love of God in ordinary ways by Hannah Steele (SPCK).


Holy Habits Following Jesus

9780857469946 - Andrew Roberts - BRF - £6.99

This resource provides seven weeks of material for church groups to use during Lent. Each session includes the printed Bible passage, a suggestion for a simple symbolic worship centre, music suggestions, reflection, poem, questions, prayer and take-home ideas. Additional material for Holy Week provides daily reflections that can be used as the basis of a gathered act of worship, or for personal devotion.


Living His Story

9780281085170 - Hannah Steele - SPCK - £9.99

In Living His Story, the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Lent Book 2021, Hannah Steele uncovers liberating and practical ways of sharing the gospel story afresh. With warmth and encouragement, she shows us how we can live Jesus’ story in our own lives simply by being the people God made us and allowing people to be drawn to him through our natural gifts.

Living His Story is a Lent devotional that will change the way you think about evangelism, show how ideally suited it is for the world we live in and fill you with confidence in sharing God’s love with the people around you.
Set out in six sessions to take you through Lent, each chapter of the 2021 Archbishop of Canterbury’s Lent book can be used as a single study for individuals or small groups to prepare for Easter. It will help you find space to see evangelism from a new practical perspective.


Cover To Cover: Prayers Of Jesus

9781789512502 - Amy Boucher Pye - CWR - £5.99 £4.99 (special offer until 31/03/2021)

This Lent, refresh your relationship with God by exploring the way Jesus Himself prayed to His Father. Focusing on six of the prayers of Jesus leading up to the central events of our faith, encounter the Saviour in a new way and reach new depths of intimacy with God in prayer. Through six sessions, experience more of God’s presence as you pray and reflect on Jesus’ journey to the cross.



Rooted In Love

9780281084883 - Sarah Mullally - SPCK - £9.99

Introduced and edited by Bishop Sarah Mullally, here are forty reflections that lead us deeper into the meaning and practice of life in Christ today.

Drawing on the collective wisdom of all the area bishops in the Diocese of London. each reflection includes a Bible reading, a prayer and a suggestion for action based on the reading. The result is an exceptionally helpful Lent book, offering a rich array of biblical insight and spiritual guidance that Christians of all traditions will warmly welcome and appreciate.


Opening Our Lives

9780857468826 - Trystan Owain Hughes - BRF - £8.99

Lent is not about giving up or taking up, but a radical opening up: the opening up of our lives to God’s transformative kingdom.

That is the challenge Trystan Owain Hughes sets in Opening Our Lives. Through practical daily devotions he calls on us to open our eyes to God’s presence, our ears to his call, our hearts to his love, our ways to his will, our actions to his compassion and our pain to his peace.


Thy Will Be Done

9781472978257 - Stephen Cherry - Bloomsbury - £9.99 

At a time of change, uncertainty and widespread anxiety, we need to discover again the freshness of our most familiar spiritual resources. Stephen Cherry's Lent Book does exactly this by inviting the reader to immerse themselves in the most central, important and iconic of Christian prayers – the Lord's Prayer, the Our Father.


Cross In The Heart Of God

9781786222930 - Samuel Wells - Canterbury - £12.99

The Canterbury Press Lent book for 2021 focuses on the significance of the story at the very centre of Christianity: the crucifixion.

Samuel Wells writes as a theologian and pastor to explore the cross in the purposes of God and how this act brings about salvation.

Three sections, each with six short chapters