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9780281087846 - Emma Ineson - SPCK - £8.99 (rrp £10.99)

In 2019, Emma Ineson wrote about ambition and what it means for Christians to be successful. And then there was a global pandemic . . . Suddenly failure began to feel very much more familiar than success.

But what is failure? What did Jesus think of it? What did he say about sin, mistakes and generally mucking things up? At the start of this wonderfully humorous and encouraging book – which will end at the cross – it’s suggested that our tendency to lump all kinds of failure together could be a bit unhelpful. A more nuanced understanding of what sort of failure we’re dealing with might just allow us to make friends with it and respond more appropriately. This idea leads us ‘Towards an (Imperfect) Theology of Failure’, based on key Christian thinking, and Emma poses the question of whether sin is an individual or corporate thing. Looking at the church, we consider, what is God’s purpose for it? And in the light of key concerns such as safeguarding and racial justice, how might we re-examine concepts of success and recognize and measure failure?



9781399805247 - Stephen Cottrell - Hodder & Stoughton - £12.99 (rrp £14.99)

In the Gospel of Mark’s account of the Passion narrative, Jesus calls out from the cross ‘Eloi, Eloi, lema sabachthani?‘ which is the Aramaic for ‘My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?’ – the first line of Psalm 22. It’s an anguished expression – traditionally ascribed to King David – of defeat, failure, abandonment and despair.

This series of reflections, written for Lent and Holy Week 2023 by the Archbishop of York Stephen Cottrell, ponders the significance of these words. What does it mean for Jesus to have quoted them, at the very end of his life? What do those words mean for us?

This is a beautiful and compelling exploration of the dark, suffering side of the Passion – and how Jesus’ words lead us to the greatest hope of all.




Dust & Glory (Adult edition)

9781781404003 - Single Copy - Church House Publishing - £1.99

9781781404010 - Pack of 10 - Church House Publishing - £17.50

9781781404027 - Pack of 50 - Church House Publishing - £75.00

Dust and Glory is the Church of England's Lent campaign for 2023. Offering 40 daily reflections for Lent on faith, failure and forgiveness, it invites you to find God in the mess of everyday life.

Each week it considers the idea of failure from a different angle and explores the difference God's redeeming work in Jesus makes to the struggles and shortcomings of human life.

This booklet offers daily Bible readings, short reflections, prayers and practical ideas to help you make sense of life's challenges and draw closer to God during Lent.


Dust & Glory (Kids edition)

9781781404058 - Single Copy - Church House Publishing - £1.50

9781781404065 - Pack of 10 - Church House Publishing - £12.50

9781781404072 - Pack of 50 - Church House Publishing - £55.00

Dust and Glory is the Church of England's 2023 Lent campaign. This booklet for children and families invites us to use Lent as a time to find God in the 'mess' of everyday life. It offers small steps designed to help us on our Lent journey as we try to grow closer to God and to others through life's struggles and disappointments.

For each of the 40 days of Lent there is a daily challenge to do, learn or think about something. There are also weekly themes, prayers and short Bible readings - all exploring the theme of Dust and Glory.



Images Of Grace

9781800391178 - Amy Scott Robinson - BRF - £8.99 (rrp £9.99)

Lent is traditionally a time of repentance, fasting and prayer as we prepare to celebrate our salvation at Easter. Through daily readings and reflections from Ash Wednesday to Easter Day, Amy Scott Robinson explores different biblical images of repentance, sin, forgiveness and grace, bringing them together in Holy Week as a lens through which to view Christ’s work of reconciliation on the cross.


From Glory Into Glory

9781914966736 - Tom Parsons - 10publishing - £1.99 (rrp £4.99)

From Glory Into Glory follows Jesus on this journey from the veiled glory of the cross into the blazing brightness of the resurrection. Our guide is Jesus’ beloved disciple, John, and our longing is that the word of Christ will dwell richly within us. Travel along, then, with these daily comments and prayers in your hand. They will accompany you from the start of Lent to the Sunday after Easter. There are some glorious views along the way.



Easter Book Of Days

9781786224606 - Gregory K. Cameron - £10.99

Following the bestselling Advent Book of Days, Gregory Cameron turns his artistic, literary and pastoral skills to the Easter story, introducing us to the characters who populate the crucifixion and resurrection. He explores 25 characters from the stories of Lent, Holy Week and Easter from the perspectives of scripture, history and legend and asks how they can enrich our practice of faith today. As well as the familiar figures - Christ himself, Mary his mother, Mary Magdalene, the disciples, Pilate, the soldiers, and the thieves crucified with Jesus, he explores aspects of the story not found in scripture, such as Veronica wiping the face of Jesus as he carried his cross. Considering biblical accounts alongside folk legends, he also explores the rich traditions that have built up around the cross and the crown of thorns, as well as tales of how the robin got its red breast, or what happened to the disciples after the ascension, creating a richly textured guide to the Easter season.



Meeting God In Matthew

9780281081950 - Elaine Storkey - SPCK - £9.99

Meeting God in Matthew explores what the Gospel of Matthew teaches us about the revelation of God in the person of Jesus Christ. Essential reading for anyone wanting to understand the gospel message better, it will leave you with a new appreciation of and enthusiasm for the riches of Matthew's writing, and the desire to return to it over and over again. Its straightforward, enlightening approach also makes it eminently helpful for new Christians just starting out on their faith journey.

Each chapter includes questions for discussion and reflection, making Meeting God in Matthew a perfect book for Bible study, both for individuals and small groups. With a focus on the Passion narrative, it is also ideal for use as a Lent devotional.


Place For Us

9781915412171 - Lavinia Byrne - DLT - £6.99

A Place for Us is an original Lent course based on the recent film production of West Side Story directed by Steven Spielberg and featuring the songs of Stephen Sondheim and Leonard Bernstein. Through study and discussion of key scenes from the movie, related to Lent passages from scripture, Lavinia Byrne and Jane McBride help us to reflect on fear, love, betrayal, death, and reconciliation.


Messy Easter

9781800391703 - Jane Leadbetter - BRF - £8.99

New edition of a classic Easter resource. Three complete sessions for Lent, Holy Week and Easter, together with a wealth of activities to extend the range of excitingly messy activities for your Messy Church – creative prayers, games, food crafts, and ideas for organising an Easter trail. Craft templates and a session planning grid are included.


Falling Of Dusk

9781472990471 - Paul Dominiak - Bloomsbury - £12.99

The Falling of Dusk puts into critical conversation some of the great doubters of religion with the breadth of the Christian tradition and contemporary theological voices. Each chapter considers one last word spoken on the cross, unpacking why Christians should embrace suspicious doubt, and how a suspicious Christianity might challenge doubters.

Aimed at those who embrace, reject, or are uncertain about faith, Paul Dominiak invites us to reflect in unconventional ways on our assumptions, anxieties, suspicions and beliefs through a conventional Lenten form of meditation.


Cover To Cover: Prayers Of Jesus

9781789512502 - Amy Boucher Pye - Waverly Abbey - £7.99 (rrp £8.99)

This Lent, refresh your relationship with God by exploring the way Jesus Himself prayed to His Father. Focusing on six of the prayers of Jesus leading up to the central events of our faith, encounter the Saviour in a new way and reach new depths of intimacy with God in prayer.

Through six sessions, experience more of God’s presence as you pray and reflect on Jesus’ journey to the cross.